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Introducing the #BetterCheflife coaching sessions: You are beyond passionate about your work as a chef or FOH professional, but you feel torn that it conflicts with your personal life so much:

  • You struggle to draw the line with taking responsibility, so work seeps into your personal time
  • You fully well know what you have to do to set boundaries, but find it challenging to put it into practice
  • You resent always having to choose between your career and your loved ones

Without a healthy relationship between the two, both your career and your relationships suffer. Furthermore, not having a clear separation between the two also takes a toll on your physical and mental health.

It all depends on how skilled you are at setting boundaries and more importantly, honouring them. Because from Day 1 in this industry, the line between work and your personal life gets blurred. There is a lot of general advice out there, but this is where having a coach on your side can help.

This month, Love Letters to Chefs is offering coaching to Hospitality professionals who want to set healthy boundaries and successfully separate their work from their personal lives. So that you can look forward to:

  • A long, fulfilling and sustainable career in Hospitality
  • Improved connection with your loved ones
  • Better physical and mental health

Are you ready for more of that? If yes, book your free Assessment Session to see if coaching is a good fit for where you are now.

#Create Your BetterCheflife coaching this September

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