Poster for #BetterCheflife coaching

Who is this for? For Hospitality professionals (BOH & FOH) who struggle to set healthy boundaries between their work and their personal lives.

How will it help me? Our careers are enmeshed with our personal lives in this high pressure, high stress industry. A coach can help you set healthy boundaries between the two, while also holding you accountable, so you stick to them.

What is coaching? Simply an informal conversation (confidential, non-judgemental) with a trained professional who helps you resolve a particular problem.

What will I gain? What is most important for you right now? Time for yourself on your day off? Dealing with the day-to-day stress or a health challenge? Sleeping better? Sticking to your workout?

How it works: We identify clear, easy-to-apply next steps that you can take. During our session we will also look at what might be getting in the way and how you can overcome those obstacles. Most importantly, with ongoing support from a coach, you are not left to figure out work life balance on your own.

Tell me more! You can email me here.

Where do I sign up? Book your free assessment session via this link.

BetterCheflife Coaching: How it works

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