A chef laying down wine glass to create a table setting at his restaurant.

Is this you?

You prepare to head home, but there you are, 45 minutes later, still giving instructions about the next day’s shift. You promise your son an afternoon at the park, but your day off gets interrupted with question after question.

You love being all things to all people. But that leaves you spinning plates and priorities, because no one else volunteers to take responsibility. You recognise that this has got to stop, if only for your own wellbeing. But you are not sure whether things will ever change.

What you need is to have someone in your corner – reminding you of what you value and gently holding you accountable to that. That is what coaching with Love Letters to Chefs offers.

Let me know in the comments if you resonate with this! And DM or get in touch via email if you want to know more about how 1-1 coaching can help you set better boundaries.

All things to all people

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