Text reads: Balance is often a choice you have to  make.

In Thursday’s post, I reminded you that balance can also come from the small things. But the important thing is that you make a choice to experience that state of balance.

In this industry, we have been conditioned to think that we do not deserve a moment’s rest. We get uncomfortable doing nothing, even in our free time. And it explains why many people lost their sense of identity when the world first went into lockdown.

As a first step, remember that you can ‘choose’ balance. Make the choice that it is okay for you to spend a few minutes enjoying that cup of tea or coffee. Without doing anything else. If you have just done prep that requires a lot of precision, make the choice to rest your eyes during the break. Without scrolling social media.

These might sound like the smallest of things, but they are vitally important in an industry where wellbeing is not built into the system.

Balance is often a choice

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