Poster for The Work Life Balance Conversations with Nalini Mehta of The Happy Chef Project.

Ayurvedic chef Nalini Mehta of The Happy Chef Project shares her wisdom on the importance of inner discipline when it comes to work life balance, and how this relates to our ability to nourish others through our work. And that we need to embrace whatever it is that we need in our lives to find balance and happiness.

The Happy Chef Project offers wellness and self care programmes to Hospitality professionals, with a focus on using practices such as meditation and breathing to deal with stress and anxiety. Chefs often remark to her that they do not have time to breathe, but she reminds us that our breath is a privilege. By learning to breathe in the right rhythms, you enhance both your creativity at work and your ability to relax.

You can watch the entire interview here.

The Work Life Balance Conversations: Nalini Mehta, The Happy Chef Project

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