The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team – Phil Jackson

In today’s team dynamics post, I want to ask you if you look after everyone on your team. Do you look after everyone equally? 

Sure, teams always make concessions to keep the stars happy. Pay rises, convenient rotas, bonuses, opportunities for progress. Remember, the success of your kitchen is shouldered not by your ‘trending’ team players, but is equally earned by the quiet, hardworking kitchen porter and the tireless, always-cheerful bar-back.

Does their work get acknowledged? Do you hear what they have to say? Do you pay attention to their wellbeing? 

Because no one is insignificant. No one’s contribution is any less valuable than the whole. No one counts less than the others. There are people who don’t seek validation for what they do. There are some who give more than they get. There are those who let the others take all the credit. Make sure you see everyone on your team and acknowledge them all, chef!

Do you take care of all your people?

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