What kind of leader do you want to be, chef? Do you want people to do their best for you or because of you? There’s a fundamental difference.

When you step into a leadership position, your work becomes all about nurturing relationships with everyone around you. Not just your team, but suppliers, investors, customers, and even your competitors. And the most important quality you can bring to that work is the ability to establish those deep connections.

And you’ll make time to build those bonds with everyone, which means being approachable and accessible. Because connections are built over time. You can reach that place by starting wherever you are now, even before you lead. By not ignoring the kitchen porter or being mean to a waitress. You can’t speak sweet words to your boss but be demeaning to a chef on a trial. Because as a leader you know that the success of your team depends on everyone – especially the little people.

Or you can do none of the above but still get people to do their work.

It all hinges on the original question, chef: do you want your team to do their best for you or because of you?


Connect deeply

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