Hello everyone! This is an introduction to Love Letters to Chefs for those who have recently joined and also for those who have been longtime supporters. Thank you, firstly, for following.

Love Letters to Chefs is now an educational platform offering workshops, guidance and inspiration for busy chefs who want to enjoy a better work-life balance, prevent burnout and build a sustainable career in the industry. To clarify, when I say chef, this is the UK usage of the word, which means that this work is in support of anyone who cooks in a professional kitchen, no matter what their title is.

I hope you find a lot of value from this page – not just encouragement, but also by trying to implement the suggestions and positive changes that resonate with you.

Besides the messages shared here on social media (wherever you are reading this: IG, FB or Twitter), additional resources on this topic are shared exclusively with members of the Community. Please sign up if you would like to be a part of it – there is a link in the bio to join. It will be a privilege to have you join us!

Intro to LLTC – I

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