Today Love Letters to Chefs launches a 24-week series called Chefs in 2017 to help you lift your inner game and achieve your goals for this year. Running on Mondays and Tuesdays, right here on this blog.

No doubt, just like me, you’ve identified where you want to go this year. Maybe you’ve gone one step further and identified clearly what actions you need to take or what milestones you need to conquer. As I promised in the previous post, we’ll take a look at how best you can be 100% aligned internally with the outcome you want to see in your life. It’s not just in your actions, but also your attitude, mindset, your way of being. And if you have a mammoth goal that needs a bigger timeframe (like mine), then in the next six months set an intention to take a step towards that goal.

This week your invitation is to really take a good look at where you’re starting from. Why does it matter? Because seeing where you are with clarity helps you orient yourself towards your destination. It isn’t always a pleasant process. It might mean taking a look at those scary figures on your bank statement, assessing the sorry state your relationship is in, or recognising those habits that have resulted in your current state of ill-health. It can mean experiencing the full frustration of being stuck in a job you don’t enjoy, or feeling hopeless from wanting a life change but not knowing where to go.

Anyhow, start with that bold step of really wanting to see the truth about your current circumstance.

Chefs in 2017: Where are you now?

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