Let’s take a deeper look at what you are going to have to do to achieve your goals. Did you know that a lot of it lies outside of your plans?

Because you can’t capture it all on a to-do list. Sometimes you need more. What’s also called for is growing into your goal. Sacrificing what’s no longer working for you. Putting aside what served you well so far, but will not get you to the next level. Saying no. Sometimes saying yes. Being clear about your priorities.

They will come your way. The distractions, feeling demotivated, losing sight of the big picture. That’s why it helps to know the real cost of achieving your goal. You align yourself with it 100%. So you’re not planning something on paper and then sabotaging your efforts once the slightest challenge comes your way. Make a commitment to do whatever it takes. No matter what.

If your goal is to build your skills by doing a course, you know that classes will eat into your own time and impact your social life. You know that you will need to balance the rest of your schedule and be super-organised. You know that it’s a 6-month commitment so you will have to adjust to it. Make sure all of you is saying yes to it.

Because if there’s even the slightest chance that your goal seems like too much work, make sure you remember the real cost of staying where you are.

Chefs in 2017: What do you have to do?

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