We’re looking at how your relationship with prosperity is connected to your ability to achieve your goals: were you able to identify where your story around money comes from?

If that story is set deep within your mind, it influences how you operate today, how you open up to opportunities and also how you handle things that come your way. It sometimes takes a lot of work and self-awareness to detach yourself from that story, but the simple first step any of us can take is to step back and look for clarity.

What’s the real truth behind your story around money? If you look around you, there are people who have managed to surmount more difficult circumstances than the ones you faced. You can, like them, detach yourself from your story and get to your destination. After all, it was only relevant and true in the past – it doesn’t include the resources or at least the resourcefulness that you have in the present moment.

Looking at my own example, I have been lucky enough to train in two careers. In theory, I have no real obstacle in pursuing the level of financial independence that I seek. Not when people around me have successfully built businesses by simply meeting a need.

The second step is to really see the hidden gift in that story you carry: most of our hunger for learning, growth, achievement, excellence or a better life comes from the pain we feel as a result of that story. Growing up seeing how women compromised their identities for financial security gave me the audacity to pursue not one, but two male-dominated professions. I simply didn’t want the same destiny.

Anytime you find yourself reverting to your story, chef, simply anchor yourself in the truth about it.

Chefs in 2017 – Prosperity consciousness – III

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