Today I want to share with you a fresh insight I had this morning. Maybe this is the flip side of being an organised person – you tend to want to organise life too. When there’s a lot going on, the things that need to happen constantly play on my mind. This has to happen, then that has to take place for something else to materialise, etc.

I’ll be honest, it’s a poorly-disguised need to control life and my circumstances. And there’s also a slight feeling of powerlessness in there too, because I’m not trusting in my own ability to make it if things don’t work out. Though I’m speaking from personal experience, but am I right in guessing that this is a common experience when you’re in the kitchen? Our dishes are made up of so many variables that each have to be just right for the overall dish to match our vision of perfect. The deliveries have to be on time for the prep to be done before the big lunch rush, etc.

But this morning as the thoughts started flowing into my mind once again – this has to happen, etc., I decided I had enough. I completely flipped the dynamic: I set an intention to meet whatever came my way during the day powerfully. No more thinking I had control, while actually being a puppet to life’s circumstances. In choosing to meet life fully, I finally hold the strings.

So what kind of day did I have? It was nothing special, but I did notice that myself approaching difficult tasks more boldly, and fully anchored in wanting to serve. What also happened was that I forgot completely about the difficulties and just did it. Big leap in self-awareness for me! I’d love to hear if you’ve had similar experiences.

I’ve had enough

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