You can put in all the hard work to achieve your goal. You can shout your wishes and intentions to the world loud and clear. You can feel excitement and anticipation when you envision that end result. But if you’re not feeling fully worthy of your goal, your road to accomplishment will be anything but a smooth ride. 

So, how can you tell? This is a tough one. It’s not always apparent when you’re not fully aligned with your desires. This is where developing a bit of self-awareness becomes invaluable.

Do you want to lead a kitchen but shrink when you’re given responsibilities? Do you want appreciation for your work but dismiss it when a customer praises your food? Do you crave connection but push away someone who’s trying to get to really know you?

I’m guilty of this as much as anyone else. When my posts on social media have recently been getting good feedback, a friend offered to get me some publicity so that I could reach more chefs. Instead of welcoming the opportunity to help those who I truly am called to serve, the little part of me was afraid to be seen. This comes after all that I’ve told you about being in alignment with your goals!

There’s no easy fix. We’re complex beings with complex stories. Who knows why we say and do one thing on the outside but feel another way on the inside? The important thing here is to be aware of those times when you’re acting out of sync with what you’re trying to achieve. That’s the first step. And sometimes the only one. But it means you are detaching yourself from whatever is getting in your way. And it’s that detachment that will hand you back the reins so you can once again control your destiny.


Chefs in 2017: Do you feel worthy of your goal?

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