Yesterday’s post showed you the outcome of examining the real price you pay for staying where you are. To summarise, you get clear on what you’re no longer willing to tolerate. You gain clarity on your ‘no’. Do you realise that in an instant, you’ve raised your standards? That’s might not seem like much, but believe me, it’s a really powerful end result.

Now what happens next? Well, you’ve kind of learnt the lesson you needed to learn from that situation. You’re now saying from a place of power that you’re expecting more from life. No more of that toxic work environment. No more putting faith in what’s not working. No more conflict.

Life then shows up to match your expectations. You’ll find openings and opportunities to move out of the scenario that’s no longer right for you. And it all comes from your inner decision to move forward in life. Do you see that all it took was that little realisation of seeing that you’re worth more? Life just decides to give you more.

This is what I’m emphasising here. The cost of saying no might seem really high to you, but it hardly compares to the value of saying yes to yourself.

Get clear on your ‘NO’

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