Third and final post helping you be more focussed on your goals in the busy cheflife: today, we’re looking at how to build your focus step-by-step. Because it’s not easy to be more a more focussed person overnight. It can happen if you have a real sense of urgency around your goals. If not, we can lean on small practices to strengthen our focus everyday.

Why not start with your meals? Chefs really pay attention to food, so this should be easy. Whether it’s a plate of staff food, or a meal at home, try to give your full attention to you’re eating: not only what it looks, smells and tastes like, or the textures and the mouthfeel. But also how it nourishes you and fuels your body. Appreciate how it was put together, although if you start going into how the recipe could be improved, you’re again taking your focus off what’s right in front of you. Just keep coming back to your plate.

And you just need to do it for as long as you can. Sure, you can eat the whole meal in isolation, but even a couple of seconds or a few minutes will work if you’re eating with colleagues or your loved ones.You probably practice all of  this already, but the invitation is to take it one level higher and really make it all about your intention to improve your focus.

Hope these posts have been useful – I’d love to hear your views, chefs!

Focus: Practice

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