We draw a sense of identity and belonging from the tribes we’re a part of: our families, our communities and even our workplace. Teacher Caroline Myss asserts that the tribe enforces a code of conduct that members have to adopt. You see it in the kitchen (and other industries) – there’s a way of being that a chef has to embody. If someone doesn’t comply, they are viewed with suspicion and their loyalty to the kitchen is immediately questioned.

It’s easy to see how a code of conduct helps. Because it’s easier to work together towards a goal when everyone shares that commitment. But on the flip side, there’s not always space for the individual. The tribe comes first and it can be very hard to challenge that way of thinking.

But I want to remind you that it’s totally okay to have your own vision for your life. Whether you want to settle down or start a non-profit, your dreams are totally valid and no less important than the goals of the kitchen, chef.


#BetterCheflife: Tribal culture

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