This week’s work-life balance share comes from Tessa and Elliott, owners of Box-E in Bristol, who seem to have lots of creative solutions (their restaurant is housed in a shipping container). They balance the demands of running the restaurant alongside bringing up young children.

Like many chef parents, they have to go out of the way to nurture family connections. “Sometimes the fact chefs have less time with their family means that they put more into that time”, asserts Tessa. Their solution is to have their daughters join them for the staff meal a couple of times a week. “They are part of the restaurant family as much as we are.”

I know that this solution might not yet be available to every chef out there, but it again proves that there’s no shortage of resourcefulness amongst those in our industry when we need to make things happen.

(Image: Chloe Edwards)

#BetterCheflife: Resourcefulness

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