Image source: Outlook India

Today I want to share the heartwarming story of a railway station porter in Kerala, India who found an ingenious way to prepare for the tough, highly-competitive civil service exam: he used the station’s WiFi to listen to online courses while he helped passengers carry their luggage on and off trains.

This is the spirit that I’m trying to promote through #BetterCheflife. Unlike other people, he didn’t have the luxury of taking time off to study because he had to earn a living. But he didn’t let his circumstances stand in the way of pursuing a better future.

Maybe the exact same solution is not available to you, but there’s always a way for you to honour what matters to you, chef.

(I’m launching my #BetterCheflife workshop in October to help chefs who want to find a better work-life balance. Read more here).

#BetterCheflife: Commitment

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