When you’re feeling anxious or concerned about your finances, you can feel very disconnected from prosperity. We tend to associate it with a number – whether it’s your bank balance or how much you carry in your wallet.

But it goes beyond that – prosperity is an abundance of anything. Market stalls overflowing with produce, the night sky studded with stars, the carpet of green covering the countryside, energy from the sun that’s freely available to all. So the truth is that you are experiencing prosperity all the time.

Taking it one step further, can you do something today to experience it even if when you’re not fully feeling it? For most of us this is treating ourselves to something. But you don’t always have to spend money. You can take some time for yourself and go sit in a park. You can say no to an extra shift if possible to make time for your family. You can feel prosperous by giving with your time to help your neighbour move out. Or sharing your gifts by teaching someone to cook.

All the above suggestions involve either a give or take, implying that with prosperity, there’s always a flow. That’s when you feel it. It’s not so much tied to something stagnant like the security that comes from your bank account.

How will you choose to experience prosperity today, chef?

Experience prosperity

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