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I recently did a coaching session where the coachee believed she had hit a wall in her career, and needed to take on a new role to revive her professional ambitions.

During our work together, it emerged that her challenge was something else.

She had gone as far as she could in her current ‘way of being’.

The caring person, the one who took on all the responsibility, the one you could rely on.

She was simply done with being that person.

But she couldn’t bring herself to be anything other than that in her current job.

You see, she was so good at putting others first.

The truth is that no new role would have made a difference.

You take yourself wherever you go.

Unless you do the inner work, you will create the same relationships and conflicts.

I helped her identify how she could change her experience of work, by changing how she brought herself to it.

On Thursday, I open up enrolment for 1-1 coaching with me.

In this cohort, I choose to work with female leaders in Hospitality to struggle with either the challenge of feeling more confident in themselves, or struggle with asserting their leadership so much that it affects their wellbeing.

If this is you, you can contact me to find out how it works.

I would be grateful if you could share this with any women in your network who is looking for this kind of support.

Thank you!

You take yourself wherever you go

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