Poster for webinar: How to build your confidence and enjoy a better work life balance. Love Letters to Chefs

Confidence and wellbeing go hand in hand.

It is as simple as that.

When you need validation for your work and you do not easily get it, your normal response is to try harder.

Which means you put a lot of pressure on yourself to prove your worth.

And that pressure and stress extends to everyone on your team. You cannot help being affected by it.

This dynamic is far from healthy, and perhaps, this is the story of our lives for many of us in this industry.

But you can achieve even better results, with more ease, simply if you can tap into your innate confidence.

Join me for Monday’s webinar where I help you connect with that quality in yourself.

This training is for female leaders and aspiring leaders in Hospitality (BOH or FOH).

Please reserve your space before the deadline on Sunday.


Final call: Confidence and wellbeing for female leaders

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