Poster for Workshop: Work life balance for women in Hospitality

This all-important topic is back in focus at LLTC: originally a webinar, it has now been expanded into an hour-long workshop.

The chef culture makes it clear that only certain qualities belong in a professional kitchen. By challenging the mere presence of women in our brigades, the implication is that we (women in kitchens) should disown our feminine energy and some of its qualities. Therefore, we not only fight an external battle, but also an internal battle with ourselves. Without realising how much energy we expend in the process. 

Join Love Letters to Chefs for this workshop to explore feminine energy, its place in our industry historically and why it is more valuable than ever in kitchens today. We will also work on some exercises to explore how we can harness it in service of our work life balance as women. 

Please join me by booking your spot here and sharing with friends and colleagues who might be interested!

Workshop: Work life balance for women in Hospitality

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