Four female Hospitality professionals in a meeting in their restaurant dining area

Many of us women working in Hospitality have been made to feel somewhat ‘less than’ the others on the team. Then there is the expectation to behave a certain way, in order for us to be recognised, valued or even get ahead. We believe we have to comply with these norms, in order to thrive in this industry.

But are we really thriving? Or just constantly fighting battles on the inside and the outside? And how much energy do we expend proving ourselves or justifying our choices? From big ones like being a mother, to smaller ones like expressing our emotions when we need to?

The truth is that to thrive, you must own all of yourself. Or else, you are just reinforcing the belief that you are ‘less than’. And this means owning all of your qualities. Even the feminine ones that look like they have no place in a demanding and competitive profession.

How can you do that?

Love Letters to Chefs is hosting a 1-hour workshop on the 25th of October that is all about empowering you to own your feminine energy. We also look at how this can help you enjoy a better work life balance.

Not to be missed! You can book your place here.

Owning who we are

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