How does learning to create more balance in your life help you as a chef? In a demanding profession like ours, it is not easy to prioritise your wellbeing when it means adding more to-dos to your time off.

There might be times when you show up to work fragmented, unable to fully deal with challenges in your life outside the kitchen, for whatever reason. But what if you were able to tackle one challenge at a time and bring positive change to your life?

At other times, you might be more in control of your life and circumstances, but still feel you have to compromise on the things that matter because of the nature of our work. What if you could make small shifts that really made the difference to the quality of your life?

Most of you will agree that the industry and our working practices need an overhaul. But the reality is that change will not come overnight. What can you do in the meantime?

The Create Your #BetterCheflife workshop offers an introduction to principles and simple strategies that you can use wherever you are in your career. My belief is that the knowledge of how to make balance accessible should be part of your toolkit as a chef and this is the reason I teach this workshop, so it is accessible to everyone.

If you would like to attend the workshop, please book via the link in bio.

Why learn to create more balance?

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