Powerful words from the teacher Caroline Myss:

It may help you to realize that moving from the Tribal mindset into Individual power is inevitable. Most of us will drive at some point in our lives when the world with which we are most familiar no longer works for us. For some people, it happens more than once. We are meant to outgrow ourselves; indeed, we can no more avoid this development than we can stop the aging process. The only question is how gracefully – and healthily – we will handle the transition.

This message is for you if you are thinking differently about work-life balance after lockdown and have come to the conclusion that it matters more than you once thought it did. This might not be endorsed by those around you, but that does not invalidate your viewpoint, chef.

I invite you to work with it: see what small adjustments you can make to your life that will help you enjoy a better work-life balance.

Outgrowing our tribe

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