Let me ask you this: where do you see yourself currently on this chart, chef? More importantly, where do you want to be?

Remember, there’s no judgement here: we can shift from quadrant to quadrant throughout our careers. Are you at:

  • II – you prioritise your career over everything else
  • III – both your work and your personal life need your attention here
  • IV – your personal ambitions influence your career decisions or
  • I – both your work and your life outside it matter equally to you

You’ve surely experienced these truths – that the career success that comes from neglecting other aspects of your life is not sustainable, because it drains your focus on your work. And that no matter where you find yourself on this chart, work-life integration will always be something you have to work towards when you are a chef. Because the stress of the kitchen leaves with us when we finish our shift.

In 2019, Love Letters to Chefs is focussed on helping you reach for that #BetterCheflife. Because if you’re passionate about your work, you can’t afford to neglect your life outside it, chef.




Where are you?

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