A female chef preparing dumplings at a counter behind the shopfront windowSometimes you have second thoughts about where you are right now.

You have landed the promotion you wanted, or the right customers for your new business.

But stepping up to that new level is not easy. And it has been a lonely journey.

Only you know the obstacles you overcame to get here. Which means the pressure on you to succeed is enormous.

The stress is beginning to take a toll.

You have lost your sense of lightness and your responsibilities feel heavy.

You are less present, because there is always the next thing that needs to be done weighing on your mind.

And you cannot step away from work long enough to give yourself a break.

What you really need right now is to take a deep breath. 

Because having to do it all yourself or having to get it all right is likely to lead you to burnout.

Without that sense of lightness, you are working harder and working yourself harder as well. And you know it is unsustainable.

Can I help you handle the stress and the responsibility in a more healthy way?

Book a call with me before Thursday the 18th of August.


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