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Choose your greatness.

That was the message from my own teacher this week. Something I myself needed to hear and embody. Which is why I am sharing it with you.

Choose not just the new job or the new venture, but show up at that level too.

And make all your choices from that level.

No more stories of not being ready or not having what it takes or not having the resources you need.


You have no idea of just who you can be in your greatness.

This is not always the case during a coaching session, but last year I had the privilege of helping a client tune into that vision of who and what she could be.

It was such a glorious vision: the way she was leading her team(s) and fulfilling her dream of making a difference to Hospitality through her role as a manager!

All she needs every time she doubts herself is to recall that vision and embody it.

It only came about because she was committed to stepping out of the limitations she perceived about herself.

Are you?

If your answer is yes, then let’s see what working together can achieve for you.

Book a call with me before the end of the day (Thursday 18th August).

Choose your greatness

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