Whether it’s your main life goal or something you’re pursuing on the side, you have to budget time and in some cases also money for it. That’s when you make it real: it morphs from an idea in your head to becoming a part of your daily life. It’s committing to your goal not by making a big declaration, but by making it happen.

If you’re organised with your time or money, it should be pretty easy to slot your goal into your calendar or financial budget. You might have to move things around and maybe even discard activities or expenditure that’s not really needed.

If you’ve never done any kind of budgeting before, it’s a useful skill to learn. The simplest way to budget your money, for example, is to put down your total income or what you make monthly on one side of the page, and on the other side, list your expenses or all that you spend. If there are some unknowns, it’s okay to put down rough estimates. You know you’re doing okay when what you make is more than what you spend, of course. But adding in the costs of meeting your goal will make you examine if things need to change. If you are struggling to afford it at this point in time, can you do anything to change that – like get some additional income or cut down on some of your expenses?

If you’re only making more time for your goal, simply jot down your schedule for the whole week/month. It’s simple: can you make some time for your goal? If not, can you stop doing or cut down the time you spend on something that’s not as important or valuable?

One last step is to allow for contingencies – add some extra time or money just in case you will need it. Then you’re on your way, chef!

Chefs in 2017: Budgeting

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