Outside San Sebastian on the Camino del Norte, a gentleman serves pilgrims with a rest-stop outside his home. When he asked me where my ‘fathers’ came from, I was sure he had mistranslated padres and had actually meant to enquire of my parents’ origins.

But being someone who looks at the deeper meaning of things, his question shook me. In that moment, I realised just how far I had come. That my journey didn’t start with me, but with the steps of my forefathers and foremothers. That they were walking by my side, every step of my camino. And my only job was to keep walking. Keep us all moving forward.

With you in the kitchen are talents handed down through generations, family recipes, your culinary heritage and the wisdom of your parents. Take the treasures bestowed upon you into every little thing you do, chef. And simply keep moving forward.


You’ve come a long way

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