It’s strange how powerful setting an intention can be. My word for last year was Integrity, and through sometimes painful processes, I recovered all these parts of me that I had long disowned, whether out of fear or a need for security.

Thus 2018 for me is a year of Consolidation. Putting all those pieces together, establishing a firm foundation from which I can be of service to you. Step into my first year of business.

Do you have a vision for what you want the new year to bring you? If you’re not sure, just listen to what your being craves. Not what your mind thinks you need. Because when you choose from your core, you can be sure that the consequences, no matter how hard, are in your favour. Even though 2017 pulled the rug from under my feet, I am more of who I truly am today.

Choose wisely, chef.


Your vision for 2018

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