Take a break when it’s offered.

There is virtue in work and there is virtue in rest. Use both and overlook neither – Alan Cohen

Today’s message is simple:

Pause. Several times during the day when you are given the opportunity. No matter how long your prep list is.

You’re doing yourself and the kitchen a favour by simply creating a little space for yourself during the day. Even 30 seconds on a 14-hour shift. Why? Because it reminds you that you matter. It reminds the world that you matter. When you stop to collect, you can get back to work more grounded. More responsive to anything that might come up.

So what can you do to recharge?

Depending on how much of the break you an actually afford to pause for (yes, I know that sometimes you can’t leave your prep unattended):

  • Stop for 30 seconds
  • Centre yourself: take a few deep breaths, empty your mind of thoughts
  • Walk away from your section for a few minutes
  • Sit down with your cup of tea or coffee
  • Step outside for a breath of fresh air

Notice that in none of this advice did I say talk to your colleagues or to check your phone. It’s so easy to think that to recharge is to connect with the outside world, to join your colleagues or someone on social media in a rant against the world. When you’re over-stimulated with the stress of prep or service you tend to want that same kind of stimulation during your break. But that’s not the point.

You’re recharging to connect to yourself, your essence. That’s what really keeps you going in the kitchen, rather than the adrenaline.

Try it for a day or two and share what comes up!


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