En route to an event one evening last October, I was delayed in London’s Leicester Square because everyone else there had turned up for a movie premiere. I had time to kill, had never experienced the buzz of a premiere before and decided to hang out for a while amongst the hordes of fans waiting to catch a glimpse of their heartthrob. I had no idea what the movie was about, except that it was called Burnt. I wasn’t tall enough to see anything or anyone, but I was quite amused by the experience.

Here’s something to occupy yourself with during your upcoming days off after Christmas: why not watch last year’s Hollywood chef drama if you haven’t already? Even though it’s been decried for its stereotypes and poor lines, this is why I didn’t regret watching it:

  • It’s about the industry – you have to watch. At least out of curiosity
  • The food looks beautiful on the big screen, as does London
  • While the bad boy chefs were over-glamourised, you get a chance to appreciate what female chefs go through
  • The camaraderie and bond between chefs really reminds you of the connections we form in the kitchen
  • It made me see that some of the chefs who were the most demanding of me really wanted me to grow

I’d love to hear what you think of the movie in the comments.

Burnt: my capsule review

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