Holding a space

You’ll find a lot of the content here at Love Letters to Chefs that explores in-depth what it truly means to be a chef. I’m sure you do the same once in a while – surely we all have some profound reason behind our pursuit of this profession!

Can I offer you my latest theory?

As a chef, you are holding a space. What does that mean? You know, when an architect designs a space long before it’s built, he or she has a vision for how occupants will use each room. When a parent brings up a child, they’re constantly moulding that little person for life in the outside world. With each blog post here, I offer thoughts that busy chefs maybe don’t have the time or headspace to explore.

So, who do you hold a space for? 

  • During service, you are holding a space for a memorable dining experience for each of your customers
  • Designing a menu or working your way through an endless prep list? Then you’re holding a space for someone’s enjoyment of food
  • If you lead a kitchen, you are holding a space for those who work with you to come into their own and shine

The next time you are tempted to say, “I’m only a chef”, my hope is that you will stop and remember the truth about what you do.


You’re not ‘only a chef’

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