Love Letters to Chefs is going to devote the next few weeks to exploring what a #BetterCheflife looks like. Specifically, through the lens of a better work-life balance. I’m excited about this project and I look forward to working 1-1 with a few chefs to explore how they can implement the ideas I’m sharing here.

As with anything, the key here is mindset. Being able to fit in the things you want to into your life requires a possibility mindset. A willingness to step aside from any fixed ideas you hold about the cheflife, your circumstances or our industry: assuming that there’s only one way of doing things, that nothing is going to change, etc. It’s when your mind is open to possibilities that you can then get creative and see just how to organise that get-together with your friends or pick up new words in the foreign language you want to learn.

And we come up with hacks to get things done all the time in the kitchen, so this is just an extension of that way of thinking!

#BetterCheflife: Possibility Mindset

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