Poster for Create Your #BetterCheflife workshop

Create Your #BetterCheflife returns at the end of May to support you with the matter of ‘having a life’. This is our topic for the month, here at Love Letters to Chefs. Striking a balance between our work and our personal lives can be so challenging that it often requires stepping back and looking at the bigger picture. This, amongst other things, is what we cover during this 2-hour workshop.

This training is for you if:

  • You were called to review your professional life over the past year and now seek more balance
  • You started a journey towards wellness but now struggle to keep the momentum going
  • You anticipate a big life change – a new job, becoming a parent, etc. – and want to handle work life balance better

Besides the teaching element, we also go through exercises that will help you choose practices that work for you. Please book your place in advance.

Workshop 31st May

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