Female café owner training her staff

Sometimes when your dreams come true, it can feel bittersweet.

Perhaps you are at that next level already: the new job, the promotion, or the new customer contract.

It feels like too much, too soon.

The overwhelm kicks in, and you feel you are simply going through the motions. From one item on your list to the next.

And not making the impact on your team or in your work.

So you struggle to get it all done.

As a female leader you feel the added pressure. The sense that someone is waiting for you to fail.

So the joy that you expected to feel after getting to that next level is just missing.

This is the thing: with any uplevelling, you are not always perfectly prepared.

You are in the process of becoming.

That makes you incredibly insecure: this is where you meet your demons.

And no doubt, this affects how you perform in that next level role.

When I work with clients who are going through this, I help them rise above the insecurity, the overwhelm, the self-doubt.

They begin to believe in themselves again.

And start seeing it reflected in their work and the success of their team.

What can I help you change?

Book a call with me and let’s see if working together is a good fit.




Too much too soon

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