A woman stretching on a yoga mat.

A year on from the onset of the pandemic, we have all probably built some kind of toolkit to navigate this situation. Although we are optimistic but still uncertain about how it will all be resolved, living through it has highlighted what we need to support our wellbeing. We might avoid doom scrolling when we know it affects our mental health. Or make sure we put aside a little more of our income for contingencies. Maybe we started a new workout to boost our immunity. And we reached out to loved ones in order to feel less isolated.

We can feel so small in the face of such a huge global challenge that we do not give credit to our inherent survival skills. I invite you to reflect on the small things that you did over the year that helped you and celebrate them.

But do not stop there: keep persisting with those practices.

That is a responsibility that we need to take for our own wellbeing, as we emerge from this global event without a clear picture of what that will look like. A year ago, this was all new. But now we are better informed. And therefore better placed to support ourselves.

Taking responsibility as chefs

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