When it comes to the processes we engage in every day, we know better than to cut corners. If something requires rest, then we let it rest. We might make a study of how we can accelerate or make the process more efficient: my point is that we engage with it intimately.

Given that we are the instruments of our work, we should be able to draw on that same kind of intimate knowledge of ourselves. “How do I work best?” “How can I do my work better?” “What do I need to be able to be effective?” “What really makes a difference to how I show up to every shift?”

Instinctively, we know that resting is the answer to some of those questions above. But when guilt or fears of falling behind pervade our consciousness, we cut ourselves of from our own inner wisdom, which is in fact, pilots our creativity.

If we accept ours to be a creative profession, then we have to get comfortable with the fact that stepping away from our work is essential to the creative process.

Stepping back

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