If you feel both excited and daunted by the prospect of setting a wellbeing goal, you are not alone, chef. The blueprint for self-care is not handed down to us in our training. There is plenty of motivational advice out there to help you push through resistance. But not much to prepare you for just what you will encounter along the way.

365 days is a long time to carry an intention for self-care, especially in our profession. To add to this, 2021 holds a lot of uncertainty for most of us. But with the support of a community, you can make big strides. Our interactive session on Monday is being organised so that you can connect with others walking the same path. We will:

  • Reaffirm our intentions for 2021
  • Review our action steps
  • Brainstorm ways around obstacles
  • Commit to our goals

We will look at the reality of what it takes to achieve or persist with a resolution – so that you can start your journey better-equipped for the long ride ahead.

Love Letters to Chefs invites you to join the session and make your self-care a priority in 2021, chef.

Reminder: Interactive Session on Monday

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