An image of trees in the woods set against the backdrop of blue skies and cloud.

This week I share with you something that I seldom talk about: one of my own practices that supports my work life balance.

Five year ago, I started walking in nature at least once a week – an unfamiliar activity for someone like me who grew up in a desert. I stuck to that simple, one hour a week practice, even during a period when I worked seven days a week (part-time). I did not need any kind of investment to start. I simply picked a resource available to me – in this case, the woods near my home. But the practice required a commitment on my part, a ‘stick-to-it-iveness’ that made me fiercely protect the time I reserved for it each week.

Today I simply cannot measure how much that small decision has brought to my life and my personal growth. Along the way, I even discovered the nature child to actually be one of my archetypes; walking in nature is therefore my homecoming. This is why in all my trainings, I support you in finding what works for you, rather than impose the latest, most trendy practices.

Because on the inside, you already know what you are called to.

My rebalancing practice – I

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