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Are you a female leader who currently feels:
– overwhelmed, because you have taken on too much, or
– exhausted, because you are doing the heavy lifting for everyone else, and
– unable to rest and recover from the mental and physical demands of your work?

Perhaps those feelings are even turning to resentment. You find yourself resenting your responsibilities and wanting to get away from them.

But even taking a break means that you will only return to a bigger workload, which causes even more stress from just thinking about it.

Because you have not put in the systems that allow you to stop for rest, as every leader needs to, in order to be effective and bring fresh thinking to the table.

So you continue to struggle in that Catch-22 situation.

What if the way you worked could be different and you did not have to do it all?

That you have the systems and support in place that allow you to not just lead a team, but make a difference to the people who work for you?

If that is the outcome you want right now, then I invite you to take the first step and book a Game Plan call with me, so we can find a solution to this current dynamic.

Book your free call 30-minute Game Plan Call with me.

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