In this profession, we tend to be so conflicted when it comes to our views work-life balance. I recognise that our culture does not encourage us to value it. This makes it all the more difficult for a chef to adopt a positive outlook on work-life balance and the common response is to just keep spinning plates until something gives way.

All the webinars offered here are intended to help you make it easy for yourself to attain a better work-life balance: this month we take a look at how even something like your life goals and how you set them can make a difference to what kind of balance you enjoy in your life. Even if you are pretty clear on your goals, this webinar will help you review them – something that is really worth doing every now and then.

This 30-minute training will be conducted over Zoom. Please sign up here to book your place.

Webinar 12th Oct: Better goals, Better work-life balance

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