Two restaurant workers packing food into containers in the kitchen.

Then there is the group mind and how it affects our stress levels.

This is a survival skill we developed as humans: to tune in to those around us. And if there is stress in the environment, needless to say, we take it on. Sometimes even without knowing what is wrong. Think of how you could sense whenever there was an issue in the family, even when your parents did not burden you with the truth as a child?

And those fighting a war – which we are trained to think we are, as a brigade – are never allowed to let their guard down. Not even for a moment. Because that would threaten the entire group.

So it is like a thermostat setting on the air conditioning. Our work environments are set to a particular stress level – which we think we need, in order to function well.

But at what cost to our mental and physical wellbeing, chefs?

We affect each other

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