Image card listing three ways that stress affects us in Hospitality: it lowers the quality of our relationships, it undermines our physical health and wellbeing, and it impacts our performance at work.

While the impact of stress on mental health in our industry is being more widely acknowledged, we do not often speak about the damage it can cause in other areas of our lives.

This could be because we are expected to take working in a high-pressure profession in our stride. And to some extent, we know how to channel stress to motive us. Or as it occurs over a period of time, we do not automatically connect the EFFECTS (broken relationships, serious injuries, conflicts with colleagues) with the CAUSE (stress).

Yes, there is a degree of personal responsibility involved in dealing with stress. But, like with many things, our culture puts the onus on us to learn how to do that.

Were you taught how to deal with stress at work?

Stress affects us!

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