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Introducing the Rebalance Yourself Strategy Session: You absolutely love the work that you do as a chef or FOH professional, but know the price that comes with that passion. Stress has always been part of your work in our high-pressure industry. But you know how it affects your relationship with your family and team, your health and wellbeing and ultimately, your performance at work.

There is a lot of general advice out there to deal with stress, but most of it does not suit your busy and unpredictable schedule . You might even have the tools you need to manage stress: workout, mediation, etc. But in our always-on culture, it is not easy for you to keep up with those things.

Today, Love Letters to Chefs is launching the Rebalance Yourself Strategy Session to help you build YOUR OWN toolkit to deal with stress. No more hacks, no more well-meaning advice that worked for someone else (but not you), no more wellness trends.

Because you want to use tools and practices that work for you, when you most need to use them. During those busy times, so that you can catch your breath for at least a moment. You know that when you are less stressed, you do not snap at your kids, that you make better decisions at work, and that you can get the sleep you need.

And you know what that means for you. Better relationships at home and work. A service that runs smoothly. You feeling refreshed in your time off, ready to get back to the work you love.

Who would not want more of that? If you do, book your Rebalance Yourself Strategy Session today!

Rebalance Yourself Strategy Session

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