I chose this image because this is probably the most relaxed I have ever seen chefs look!

To conclude the week-long intro to Love Letters to Chefs, I turn the spotlight on you. What are the specific challenges related to work-life balance that you would like more instruction on? Is it:

  • Dealing with the stress of the kitchen after your shift
  • Keeping burnout at bay
  • Lack of fitness or difficulties managing physical/mental health issues
  • Feeling disconnected from those that matter to you
  • Being unable to nourish yourself well
  • Getting all your ‘life admin’ done during your free time
  • Losing your sense of purpose
  • Something else?

I invite you to comment below or email instead. Please do not hesitate, because by sharing your own requests, you are also helping many others on this platform.

Thank you, chefs!

Intro to LLTC – VI

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