Join our Fireside Chats

As chefs, we are the kind of people who will cook six days in a row, and still feed someone we care about on our day off. How do we keep that incredible spirit of service alive even when our work is put on hold?

Join me for an informal 30-minute chat every fortnight on Zoom, so that we can stay connected to our service, even when our work is put on hold.

If you are wondering what these sessions will be like, expect the inspiration and encouragement that you draw from this platform, but to experience that same quality live.

Next week's theme is:

Creative Sabbaticals for Chefs
Monday, 4th May
3pm London (UK) time

We might be short on resources during this lockdown (money, access to ingredients), but our most precious resource (time) is in abundance. How can we make the most of this opportunity?

You might have a project in mind, or you might want to revisit great ideas you have had previously. Or like me, you might just want to see things through someone else's eyes. 

Our next Fireside Chat looks at how you can take a mini creative sabbatical during this time. I also share ideas on how you can hone your creativity outside the kitchen. 

Join me, chefs!

(you will be asked to download and run Zoom - it's free).

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