Wherever you are – actively preparing to return to work, or still contemplating life after lockdown – you will have noticed that our thoughts are now future-focussed.

But let us make sure that we take with us powerful lessons: the pandemic made us acknowledge how closely connected we are, yet it took the brutal death of George Floyd to show us how little we respect that sacred truth of All is One.

Which is I invite you to join me, chefs, in reflecting on these three questions over the course of this week:

  • What do you value? What do you need to be happy?
  • How do your words and actions impact others? Start with those closest to you, your community, then expand the ‘other’ to include the supermarket cashier or the stranger next to you on public transport.
  • Who makes an impact on your life? Begin with those that make up your world and those you never think about – the people who built your roads and those who wrote the textbooks you learnt from. Finish with the truth that your life is also being shaped by the creatures who inhabit our oceans, politicians in other countries, and by the destinies of human beings you will never meet.

Because we cannot return to our work as service professionals without the consciousness and empathy awoken in us these past few months.

Three questions for reflection

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