Leadership isn’t restricted to those at the top of a team or organisation, but it’s something that we can assume no matter what our rank or position. 

When you take the initiative to do something, take responsibility when no one else is willing, offer a suggestion, or uphold the values of the team you work for even outside the workplace, you’re being a leader in your own right.

If you’re aspiring towards leading a kitchen someday, this is especially important for you to adopt. Even if you have no such ambition, just showing up everyday as your best self does a lot for you as a human being. 

And our teams rely on us to do this: the values of the organisation often get diluted amongst its many employees. The more we are in alignment with those values, the better the team functions. This only serves to improve the quality of everyone’s working life.

Take the lead, chef, even if it’s in the smallest way.

How can we all be leaders?

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